Do I have to bring a friend / partner or can I come on my own?

Its great to come on your own and really helpful to the teacher if you are not inseparable from your pal! That's not to say you can't come as a couple or group as classes at all levels involve moving the followers on, so whether you are a 'lead' or a 'follower' you get to dance with lots of different people. You will find classes and events are welcoming and a great place to meet new people.

What shall I wear?

Wear what you are comfortable in, perhaps something casual for classes but a little dressier for 'Club Nights'. You may get hot and sweaty so might prefer natural fibres and short sleeves. The dress code is generally informal so feel free to dress up or down. Sequins and suntans are, eh, not necessary, as it's strictly not ballroom!

How about footwear?

Again, be comfortable. Ladies may prefer to wear flat shoes with a back to begin with. Specialist dance shoes are available (out there) for both men and women, however we don't all wear them and are happy with normal shoes. Whatever your footwear try not to wear shoes with a sticky rubber sole as they 'stick' and can make turns difficult.

When can I start?

Anytime! Our classes run all year with all 'Club Nights' having absolute beginner's classes, check out the timetable for all classes.

How long will it take to learn?

How long is a piece of string! Seriously, you decide your own pace with no pressure from us to move on / up / down / across. It's a good idea to spend time feeling really comfortable with a level, particularly beginners where you will learn the basics, which are the foundation of all your future salsa dancing. Beginner's classes are deliberately kept at an easily managed level and although some basics will be included in every class new moves are incorporated too. We have designed our timetable so that you are able to follow on to a class at the next level in the same evening at the same venue. With so many classes running weekly you are free to do as little or as much as you want. We recommend you try different teachers to discover a style that suits you.

What level am I?

We cannot stress too much the importance of feeling completely comfortable with the level you are currently doing. When you feel ready to move on, it's well worth doing classes at two levels so that you are able to develop and perfect your dancing basics whilst still being challenged. Take your own time, its not a competition, remember that even advanced dancers and teachers are still learning and are always open to new things. (levels description)

How do I find out about other classes and events?

Timetables are available at all venues, just ask your teacher for a copy. Our website is regularly updated and has lots of useful information including forthcoming events, or better still, become a member and we will send you a quarterly newsletter, flyers for events etc and you get money off classes and 'Club Nights'!

Can I have private tuition?

Some people feel the need for private tuition but with so many classes, venues and nights of the week to choose from there should be little need. However, if you feel you could benefit from private lessons, contact us , or, if you have a favourite teacher approach them directly.

Can I book Latin Motion for private events such as wedding and parties?

Yes indeed! We can liven up any special event for you with a fun filled workshop geared especially for your crowd. Contact us for details.

What else do Latin Motion do?

Latin Motion Promotions plan, prepare, manage and host a whole variety of events, such as the national SalsaJam attended by hundreds of avid salseros, countless shows for 'Club Nights' with specialist dancers and instructors and supply teachers and DJ's around the world! We also have involvement in events for other organisations such as DanceXchange and Birmingham City Council, including Discovery Day and Arts Fest. Our Corporate Package caters for the corporate sector with a professionally delivered service, offering anything from a workshop at a conference to Latin themed nights for annual company balls. Our client list gets longer by the week and includes Carlton Television, the NHS and many other blue chip companies. Contact us for more details.

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